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LakeBTC just launched our brand new trading tool, LakeTrader, earlier today. It is a in-browser trading app, with live data, pro charting, OnClick trade, and CoinDesk BPI data integrated.

LakeTrader review can be found here.

Live Data

LakeTrader takes advantages of our latest websocket real time API. In a single web page, traders can view live orderbook data, trade history, open orders, and analyze historical trade data. As long as you are connected to our server, live data will be streamed to your browser in real time. Note that users can only view historical data after March 1, 2014, when a major database migration was carried out.

Pro Charting

We have integrated the charting lib by Trading View. There're loads of features available -- BTCUSD and BTCCNY charts in 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 minutes, 1 day, 1 week intervals with styles in bars, candle-stick, line, area, etc are provided. You can also draw trend lines, trend angles, pitchforks, gann box, fib retracement, ABCD patterns, Elliott Wave subminuette, and so on. For technical analysis, there are about 60 options to choose from, including MACD and others.

LakeBTC also integrated CoinDesk BPI (Bitcoin Price Index) data, an industry-leading index for bitcoin prcies. To switch to CoinDesk BPI, just click in the ticker box on the top left corner, type in any text, and select CDBPI:USD in the drop down. You will see the chart for 1 day and 1 week resolutions (you may want to swtich the chart type to "Line" for 1 day mode since OHLC prices are missing for each day). You may also compare LakeBTC USD chart with CoinDesk USD chart side by side.

OneClick Trade

Traders can place buy/sell orders by a single mouse click on the screen in our OneClick trade mode. Simply set a default order size (e.g., 0.2 BTC) and a multiplier (e.g., ×5), traders can hover his mouse over the Orderbook and an overlay with buy/sell buttons will appear with the corresponding price. Just click the button and the order will be sent to our server in real time. Once accepted, it will show up in the Open Orders pane in real time. This function is extremely easy to use and it's a great tool for all users, especially those trade frequently.

Or, if you prefer the old fashion trade entry, just click Manual tab, and you can fill in price and amount as you would normally do.

If your order got executed, it will disappear (or change in amount) in the Open Orders pane and show up in the Trade History pane, in real time. Note all numbers shown are before trading commission fees.

If you wish to cancel a single open order or all open orders, it's also as easy as a mouse click and the page will update accordingly.

To summarize, LakeTrader is a full feature real time trading application in your browser -- there's nothing to download and install on your local machine. LakeTrader is still in beta, bug reports/comments/criticisms can be sent to

About LakeBTC

LakeBTC is a leading bitcoin platform that provides bitcoin trading services. Security, liquidity and service are three strengths that make LakeBTC stand out of the crowd. In addition to technological security measures such as SSL encryption, 2-step authentication, SMS confirmations, LakeBTC team with years of experience in financial industries operates with professional risk management, internal controls, and market surveillance programs that ensure users' fund and personal data are safe and secure.

LakeBTC is one of the Big Four exchanges around the world that determine CoinDesk BPI USD. LakeBTC is also a Gateway Member of International Ripple Gateway Association (IRBA).

Thank you for choosing!

LakeBTC Team

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