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Deposits via EgoPay is Currently Unavailable

01/17/2015 by LakeBTC.com

Dear Users,

It's been reported that EgoPay freezes funds and disables API. Thanks to our top risk management practices, LakeBTC was not, and will not be affected by this incident.

Security, liquidity, and fairness are the attributes that make LakeBTC stand out of the crowd, and security comes first. We take security very seriously and invest heavily in technology, risk management, internal controls, firewalls, processes, and compliance to safeguard customers' assets. We do everything in our power to fight online fraud/bitcoin theft, contain market risks, credit risks, operation risks, and policy risks.

As a precautionary action, deposits via EgoPay is currently suspended until further notice. Users may continue to use bank wire and Ripple network for deposits and withdrawals.

Thank you for choosing LakeBTC.com!

LakeBTC Team

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