Scheduled Maintenance On Aug 1

Dear Users,

LakeBTC website ( will be unavailable beginning at 1 a.m. on Saturday, August 1st (UTC) and will be restored within two hours. This scheduled maintenance is expected to further improve user experience and service availability. Should you have any questions, please contact customer support team at

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  1. Subaccounts

    for each currency, you'll have a main and a locked subaccounts.

  2. Order submission

    When you submit a buy order, FIAT fund will be transferred from your main account to locked account of that currency. When you submit a sell order, BTC fund will be locked. When an order is executed, the locked fund will be transferred to the trade counterparty and you will receive BTC (or FIAT) fund in your main account, less commission fees if any. If you cancel an open order, the locked fund will be released to your main account. Your order submission will fail if there is insufficient fund in the corresponding main account.

  3. Withdrawal

    When you initiate a withdrawal request, fund will be transferred from the corresponding main account to locked account. When processed, the fund is sent and removed from the locked account. Withdrawal fees will be deducted from the remaining balance first. If insufficient, it'll be taken from the amount being withdrawn

  4. Payment vs Withdrawal

    Withdrawals (and External Accounts) are for accounts under your name, under you control, or you fully trust. If you'd like to make one-time payments to third-parties (e.g., to a friend or online store), please use the Payment function instead.

  5. Darkpool orders

    There is no minimum amount requirement for darkpool orders. The commission fees of executed darkpool orders are twice as much as ordinary orders.

  6. Websocket API

    Our current Websocket API is Pusher compatible now to simplify client coding efforts for users.

  7. Trade API

    buyOrder/sellOrder calls will return messages only indicating whether the order was submitted successfully or not.

  8. No Email Trade Notification

    We no longer send email notifications for trade executed.

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