Introducing Maker Only Order Attribute

LakeBTC is pleased to introduce a new trade order attribute: Maker Only. All orders submitted with this attribute will be canceled automatically if they match with existing orders in the orderbook when submitted. Otherwise, they will be sitting in the orderbook, until they are matched or canceled by user.

This attribute is expected to help professional traders, liquidity providers, and arbitrageurs to better manage their orders and take advantage of LakeBTC's Maker-Taker fee structure, where trading fees for makers are as low as 0%. Ultimately all users will be benefited by seeing a more efficient market and better prices at LakeBTC.

Simply mark the check box next to "Maker Only" at the Buy Bitcoin or Sell Bitcoin pages and submit your order as usual. The Maker Only attribute will be indicated in the Order History page along with Dark Pool attribute.

Should you have any questions, please contact customer support by email.

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