Use Google Authenticator to Confirm External Accounts and Payments

To protect your funds from fraud and theft, all External Accounts and Payments for digital currencies need to be verified. In addition to SMS and email, users now can use Google Authenticator to complete the verification.

SMS is not convenient and reliable to users from certain areas, and email is not safe at all. Google Authenticator is the preferred way to verify and confirm your External Accounts and Payment requests. As long as you have a smart phone (iPhone or Android), it is reasonably secure and free of charge. No network is needed while using the Google Authenticator app. Please login to your LakeBTC account, click My Account in the menu, then Security tab, and follow the instructions to enable Google Authenticator for your account.

If you changed your phone or lost your phone, please email customer support for assistance. Note, for security reasons, all withdrawal and payment requests need to wait for 48 hours after a password reset or Google Authenticator change. Please safeguard your password, email account, and mobile phone, and notify customer support immediately if you spot anything suspicious.

LakeBTC takes the security of your assets very seriously, and we are dedicated to providing a secure, liquid, fair, and easy to use wallet and exchange services to you.

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