New Year, New Feature


LakeBTC is about to release a new feature in the new year! Wanna take a guess? Which one of the following three features will be rolled out first in 2016?

Retweet your answer along with the image below, and get it 50% off for 2 months. If you get it right, get an extra 50% off -- that is completely FREE!

  • Margin/short
  • OTC trading
  • Futures

Note: Participants in our previous tweet vote would need to retweet with your answer again here since Twitter only shows the vote statistics.

Participants in web forums can reply with your answer in the original thread. Make sure you add a short explanation of why you picked that feature. Is it because you need it yourself, or no other service on the market meets your expectations, or just a wild guess or what?

Deadline is Jan 20, 2016. You can participate at

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