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Indian Rupee is newly added

06/27/2016 by LakeBTC.com


Dear Users,

Per our users' requests, a new currency, Indian Rupee, was added to LakeBTC! Its ISO code is INR, and currently there are five payment methods are available: Bank Transfer (INR), Western Union, MoneyGram, Neteller, and LakePay.

To enable INR for your account, just click Wallet in the menu, then click Create Sub Account for INR. Click External Accounts link to add and verify all your External Accounts for INR. That's it!

If you are an INR user and would like to help your fellow citizens access bitcoin and make some profit, please contact help@lakebtc.com for more info.

If your currency and/or payment methods are not available on LakeBTC yet, please contact help@lakebtc.com and we'll be happy to add them.

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