BTC Fork Risk Announcement

Update 4

Now BTC withdrawal feature is back to normal. We will keep monitoring the bitcoin network and take necessary actions to minimize the fork risks. Your support and patience are highly appreciated!

Update 3

Now BTC deposit feature is back to normal, with 3 confirmations required. BTC withdrawal feature is expected to resume before Monday, August 8.

Update 2

BTC deposit feature is enabled. 30 confirmations are required. BTC withdrawal feature is still unavailable until further notice. Currently we do not have plans to support BCH/BCC. We appreciate your support and patience during this turbulent period of time.


BTC deposit/withdrawal features have been suspended for the potential fork upcoming until further notice

Dear Users,

We are writing to you in relation to the fork risk of the Bitcoin network on August 1st or thereafter. During this time of potential disruption, the security of our users' funds remains, as always, our first priority. Therefore, LakeBTC may choose to suspend deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin to ensure that all funds stored at LakeBTC stay secure. Trading will be unaffected and deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin will be reactivated when we deem it safe to do so.

Please contact us on: if you have any questions.

LakeBTC Team

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