Do you want to sell your bitcoins at the best prices? Do you want to open your own bitcoin exchange in your area? Do you want to run your own bitcoin ATM machines in your neighborhood? Do you want a part-time thing or startup business with flexible hours, no commute, zero overtime, and positive cash flow?

If any of the answers is yes, you should consider becoming a LakeBanker.

Note: if you just want to get your own deposit requests accepted, do NOT apply for LakeBanker status as it does not help.

What are LakeBankers?

LakeBankers are just LakeBTC users who own some balances and can accept payments. Any user can act as a LakeBanker.

How does it work?

  1. A user wants to make a deposit to buy bitcions. S/he then creates a deposit request.
  2. A LakeBanker clicks a button (or taps on cellphone since LakeBTC is mobile friendly) and accepts the deposit request.
  3. The user sends the payment to the LakeBanker.
  4. The LakeBanker clicks another button to confirm, and the deal is done.

Why do I want to become a LakeBanker?

  1. Profit - you make a profit by earning the Banker fee and saving on withdrawal costs and bank fees. Depending on the volumes, some bankers make sizable profits everyday. Banker fees are dynamically determined by the system, based on the amount, supply-demand, reputation, etc.
  2. Help Others - you make buying and using bitcoins in your area/country simple and affordable.
  3. Easy - all you have to do is just 2 taps on your cellphone screen (or 2 mouse clicks if you use a laptop).
  4. No Price Risk - you take no risk on bitcoin price fluctuations.

But I want to build and run my own exchange from scratch.

No, you don't want to, because

  1. Development - it takes an enormous amount of time and money to build a serious trading exchange. Open source project? Freeware? Don't even think about it unless you are prepared to invest tons of money and time to get them customized and up and running. This is about real customers' money, and this is mission-critical, by definition. And, development is a never-ending work.
  2. Maintenance - bitcoin markets runs 24x7. Do you have enough resources to cover the system maintenance? Code bugs, hard disk full, network congestion, expired certificate, load balancing, automatic backup, database tuning, software upgrades, security patches, ...
  3. Security - attackers are in the dark waiting for the right moment to steal your customers' money and private information. Too many bad examples in the industry to name. Almost all major bitcoin companies have been brought down. Do you have the expertise to safeguard your users' assets? Do you have the resources and budget? Do you have the money to cover the loss if your system is compromised?
  4. Market surveillance - to protect your exchange and the users, you'll need a comprehensive set of market surveillance mechanisms to fight against financial predators and high frequency program traders exploiting the loopholes in your exchange.
  5. Liquidity - as a new marketplace do you have enough buyers and sellers? Without liquidity a market is not of much use.
  6. Support - you will need to hire a support team to assist your customers with all sorts of issues and questions.
  7. Accounting - you will need to pay professional accountants to do reconciliation, reporting, and audits on a regular basis.

As a LakeBanker, you are basically running your own exchange, without worrying any of the above issues. We do all the weight lifting work for you with our professional development team, O&A group, risk management and internal control measures, market surveillance programs, excellent liquidity and superb accounting/reporting support.

Running your own exchange has never been easier before!

But I want to buy and operate physical ATM machines in my country.

You are not serious, are you? ATM machines are like as old as fax machines, and they don't fit into 2015.

You will need to pay up front all the costs related to equipment purchase, depreciation, space rental, electricity, maintenance, repair, and charge your customers a hefty fee hoping to make a profit. Both you and your customers are ripped off in this scenario. Additionally, all the inventory price risk is on you.

As a LakeBanker, you are like running your own bitcoin ATM (or BTM or whatever) machine. Instead of installed at one spot serving a very limited number of people, it can reach almost all users in your area/country. Without any of those insane costs, you are happy, and so are your customers. Oh, did I mention that no bitcoin price risk for you well? Your profit is a sure thing.

But I am used to selling bitcoins in OTC (over-the-counter) markets.

Then you should come to LakeBTC and become a LakeBanker instead, because

  1. Better liquidity - LakeBTC, as an exchange, has way better liquidity than those of OTC markets. Even for orders over 1000 BTC, you will get a much better price and quicker execution. So will your counterparty. OTC is better for non-standard products such as structured financial products and derivatives. For plain vanilla bitcoin trading, an exchange like LakeBTC is way to go.
  2. Lower fees - LakeBTC fees are low and transparent.
  3. Local currencies and payment methods - LakeBTC supports many local currencies and payment methods, and more are coming.
  4. Big or small orders - big orders have no problem getting matched at LakeBTC thanks to our liquidity. Dark pool attribute helps getting your orders executed at best prices possible by minimizing market price deviation.
  5. Safe - LakeBTC is a safe and fair marketplace, thanks to our professional team, bank grade risk management and internal controls, and market surveillance programs.

Can I do both LakeBanker and OTC trading?

Yes, you can!

LakeBTC also provides a safe and easy-to-use OTC trading market for you. Just click OTC in the menu, and you would be able to view OTC order book, trade with existing OTC orders, and place your own OTC orders.

LakeBanker system and OTC trading are two different methods to deal with other users, but the two share something in common. Example: suppose there's a User who wants to buy BTC using EUR. See the table below for comparison:

Money Flow1. User pays you EUR and receives EUR in his LakeBTC account.
2. User places a buy order in BTC/EUR market, and when the order gets executed, he receives BTC.
3. User withdraws BTC to his personal wallet (optional).
1. User pays your EUR, and receives BTC in his LakeBTC account.
2. User withdraws BTC to his personal wallet (optional).
Market RiskNo
EUR to EUR only. There's no price fluctuation risk.
BTC to EUR. Price may change during the transaction process.
Profit MarginMedium - High
Market price. Depends on the currency, payment method, supply-demand, etc. Usually between 0.1 - 5%.
Usually High
You name the price. Just factor in the market risk involved. Usually between 1 - 10%.
Escrow ProtectionYes
100% of Seller's fund is locked during the transaction.
100% of Seller's fund is locked during the transaction.
Supported Currencies and Payment MethodsAll
Currently 29 currencies, 46 payment methods, and growing!
Currently 29 currencies, 46 payment methods, and growing!
Email/In-browser alertsYesYes
Streamlined Self-service ProcessYesYes

Do I need a special government license for LakeBanker?

Do you need a license to sell your bitcoins to your friend/neighbor? Do you need a license to sell bitcoins at an OTC market? Do you need a license to sell bitcoins at an exchange?

If the answers are no, most likely you don't need a special license to become a LakeBanker, especially when your volume is not enormously huge.

Please note that local laws/regulations vary. This is not a legal advice. LakeBTC is a legitimate business and we follow applicable laws/regulations, and we expect our users to do the same.

How do I become a LakeBanker?

Just click LakeBanker in the menu, read all the information carefully, and click the button. Also make sure you understand the following points

  1. Becoming a LakeBanker yourself does NOT help your own deposit/withdrawal requests.
  2. LakeBankers need to be KYC verified first.
  3. You will pay the fees (such as activation fees, monthly fees, late fees, etc.) and meet the networth requirements described below.
  4. There is an Token Sale for the LakeBanker project going on. Any questions and feedback? Are you interested in participating?

We can also offer White Label solutions and Franchise opportunities. Contact customer support for details.

Activation fee for LakeBanker privileges is currently 0.01 BTC, which is a one-time, non-refundable fee charged upfront.

Monthly fee for LakeBanker privileges is currently 0.01 BTC per calendar month, charged at the beginning of every calendar month. This fee is waived if you accept 3 or more requests during the month. Partial month is considered one month.

If available balance in your main BTC account is insufficient when a fee is due, late fees will apply and interests will accrue.

LakeBankers are expected to maintain a monthly average networth of 10 BTC or more. If your networth remains below 2 BTC, the system will automatically remove your LakeBanker privileges. To re-activate, another activation fee applies.

All terms and fees are subject to change at the sole discretion of the LakeBTC team.

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