Fee Structure


  • FREE, for BTC deposits
  • FREE, for deposits via Ripple network
  • FREE, if System Banker is selected when creating deposit requests
  • Varies, for other LakeBankers. You will review the actual fee before submitting a deposit request.
Trading - Taker 0.2%
Trading - Maker
  • 0%, if your past calendar month volume > 20,000 BTC.
  • 0.02%, if volume > 15,000 BTC
  • 0.04%, if volume > 6000 BTC
  • 0.06%, if volume > 3000 BTC.
  • 0.10%, if volume > 500 BTC.
  • 0.15%, otherwise.
Withdrawal - SystemBanker
  • 0.1% + 5 USD, if your past-calendar month volume > 15,000 BTC
  • 0.2% + 5 USD, if volume > 6000 BTC
  • 0.3% + 5 USD, otherwise.
  • bank/3rd-party fees not included.
Withdrawal - other LakeBanker
  • Varies. You will review the actual fee before submitting a withdrawal request.
  • bank/3rd-party fees not included.
Withdrawal - BTC FREE (plus a flat 0.0005 BTC fee for bitcoin network fee)
  • FREE, for payments to email addresses during the promotional period
  • FREE (plus a flat 0.0005 BTC fee for bitcoin network fee for payments to external bitcoin wallet addresss)
OTC Trading
  • Buy: FREE
  • Sell: 1%

Withdrawal/payment fees will be deducted from your remaining balance first, then from the withdrawal amount if necessary.

Trading fees displayed above are for each leg of cross trades with multiple legs.

Email customer support and apply for fee discounts if qualified.

Account histories of the most recent 6 months are available on our website and via API. You are recommended to download and save the records you need when available. If you request customer support to recover history records for you, we will try manually prepare a CSV file for each type, and the fees are 0.001 BTC/entry, 0.1 BTC minimum for each file. Note: History data over 6 months old are permanently destroyed and unrecoverable.

If you need to restore your deleted LakeBTC account, please contact customer support and the fee is 0.1 BTC.

All fees are subject to change. LakeBTC reserves the right to modify the terms in our sole discretion at any time.

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