Now all LakeBTC users can send payments to anyone in the world instantly! And it's COMPLETELY FREE during the promotional period!

Simply click Wallet in the menu, then Pay link next to the desired currency. In the "Send Payment" page opened, enter

  • the amount,
  • the payee's email address,
  • (optional) a memo/short message/reference number.

Click the Submit button and you'll get a chance to review the payment details. Make sure the amount, currency, and the payee's email address are correct before creating the Payment Request.

For your own protection, you'll need to confirm the payment since all transactions are final!. It's recommended to use Google Authenticator which is free, easy to use, and available on all smart phones. Or, if you already have your cellphone number verified, you may send the shown SMS confirmation code to our SMS platform. If neither of these methods works for you, you can email us the confirmation code. Warning: email is not secure and not recommended.

As soon as the Payment Request is confirmed, the fund is transferred to the Payee instantly, and both you (Payer) and your Payee will receive email notifications. If the Payee is new to LakeBTC, an account will be created for him/her and a password reset email will also be sent out.

During the promotional period, it's COMPLETELY FREE to send and receive payments to/from anyone in the world in our LakePay system. Currently a number of major currencies are supported. More are coming soon!

Another type of Payment Request is bitcoin payments made to a bitcoin wallet address (instead of an email address). In this case, simply click BTC currency tab, enter the amount, and the destination bitcoin address in the Payee field. A flat fee of 0.0001 BTC will be charged to cover the bitcoin miners' fee.

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